The Heartbeat Center

The Heartbeat Center

Friday, June 17, 2011

KI Arrives from Brodhead TOMORROW!

Early tomorrow morning Scott will take a truck to pick up the KI exhibit in Brodhead, WI. We're nervous, excited and exhilarated all at the same time! We can't wait for it to arrive, but biding a bit more time before the grand opening next week wouldn't be too bad either!

The Key Ingredients exhibit will make its first "official" appearance in the Lake Martha Days parade on Sunday. We'll drive the truck and its precious cargo in the parade, while O-F grads will pass out basil-seed bookmarks to parade watchers. We hope the weather is nice and not too hot!

The official grand opening posters have been placed in businesses and windows all over in Whitehall, Pigeon Falls and Osseo; they're eye-catching and beautiful. We're pleased with the logo Chad (Triad Publications) created for us. We have two big banners that will hang on the truck in the parade and then at the school and in the park in Osseo. Scott will begin making the rounds on local television stations next week, and his radio interview with Spectrum West (WPR) airs tonight.

Next week we'll be extra-busy putting together the exhibition, conducting the docent training, and preparing for the grand opening along with our first international cuisine day on Sunday. Whew...we better be prepared for the six-week marathon, because it's getting ready to hit us full force!

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